What is Pyramid?

A pyramid is a structure with four equal triangular sloping sides resting on a square base and the four apices joining at a point forming the apex of the Pyramid. In a Pyramid, four base measurements are equal and four side measurements are equal. Side measurement is equal to 0.951 x base.

How does Pyramid work?

In general, Pyramids are good conductors of information energy. It means, they are able to transfer information better than others. When an object is placed inside the pyramid, it receives amplified or stronger information about itself. This frequency raises the potential of the elements and “charges” them. This is irrespective of what is put into it.

For example, if one puts razor blades under a pyramid, it will stay sharp because the information that makes up those microscopic metal crystals try to remain in their original shape by trying to move atoms to the areas that were worn away. Similarly, if one is trying to meditate under a Pyramid, the person’s efforts are amplified and he is able to reach the “Thought less” state faster under it.

How Pyramid Energy can be beneficial in daily life?

Quick healing: Pyramids can be used effectively to obtain relief and complete cure from all types of diseases when combined with meditation.

Increased Immunity: For general problems that arise due to pollution like allergy, Pyramids can be utilized to attain unbelievable relief. If the Pyramid energy is absorbed regularly, the body’s immunity increases. Pyramids decrease the strength of various viruses and bacteria.

Healthier Water: if we drink water stored in a Pyramid for minimum three days, the universal energy will reach all parts of the body.

Memory Power: If students wear Pyramid shaped caps while studying, their memory power and knowledge improves.

Uniform Distribution of Energy: There is a continuous of flow energy in the Pyramid. Irrespective of the number of people present, everyone receives equal energy from the Pyramid.

Reduction in Negative Thoughts: The power of our will (and what we think) increases inside a Pyramid. Hence we should avoid negative thoughts when we are sitting there to avoid increasing the negative energy.

Increased Productivity: If some seeds are kept in Pyramid for 1-5 days before their sowing, the yield from these seeds is found to be 20-100% more than the yield of normal seeds. The plants grown out of the seeds taken from Pyramid are found to be healthier.

Increased Effectiveness: Glucose and some iso-osmotic liquids stored in Pyramid are found to be more effective in drug de-addiction campaigns. They can be injected into the veins or given orally.

Environmental healing: Pyramid is a natural generator of negative ions and air gets purified. Russian researchers discovered the improvements of Ozone layer in the atmosphere. Areas near the pyramids seem to have diminished seismic activity. Radioactive waste placed inside the pyramids has decreased their level of radioactivity.

Impact on behaviour: Researchers experimented with about 5000 people in jails of Russia, showed that in a few months, most crimes almost disappeared and behaviour was much improved.  This was attributed to the salt and pepper added to their food which had been placed beforehand in the Pyramid.


The word “Anapanasati ” in Pali language means to direct one’s attention and awareness only on one’s normal, natural breathing process.

“ana”… means “in-breath”

“apana”… means “out-breath”

“sati”… means “be-one-with”

In “Anapanasati “, attention of the mind should constantly be on the normal, natural breath. The task on hand is effortful, joyful oneness with the breath. No ” mantra ” is to be chanted.. no form of ‘ deity ‘ is to be entertained in the mind.. no hathayogic pranayama like ‘ kumbhaka ‘.. holding the breath.. should be attempted.

Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken. The posture should be as comfortable as possible. It is not at all necessary that we should squat on the ground. You can perfectly prefer a comfortable sofa. However, hands should be clasped and all fingers should go into all fingers. And the feet should be crossed and the eyes should be closed.


Benefits Of meditation:

  • Diseases get healed speedily
  • Memory-power becomes increased
  • Wasteful habits die a natural death
  • Mind stays in a peaceful and joyful state
  • Work gets done with greater efficiency
  • Sleep-time requirements get reduced
  • Relationships become more qualitative
  • Will-power gets tremendously increased
  • Ability to discern right/wrong gets sharpened
  • Purpose of life is thoroughly understood
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